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Social media is a great way for entrepreneurs, start-up businesses, and even large companies to advertise.  It is also used to build brand name recognition for their services and products.

Social networking is also good for businesses that have created their very own application.  Because these can be marketed through major social media networks.

The popular social media platforms that can be helpful for promoting your business include:


Google Plus virtual assistant VteamAs of the fourth quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.86 billion monthly active users around the world.

Facebook was initially a means for university students to keep in contact with their friends.  But now it has progressed into an easy way for people, companies, and like-minded individuals to talk to others throughout the world.

With this amount of people making use of Facebook on a daily basis, it is advantageous having some presence for your company on there. Also, it can be one more useful way to advertise and release a new service or product.

Start a Facebook page where individuals can “Like” your company, discuss your services or products, connect with you, and promote your content with their friends.


Google Plus virtual assistant Vteam

This is a platform that allows users to publish 140 character texts on the Internet about anything. Twitter is becoming increasingly popular every single day and will continue to grow in the future.

By looking for and “tweeting” about subjects that interest you and are related to your business, you will soon create an extensive network of individuals to follow and generate your group of supporters.

Whenever you post a message on Twitter, it is known as a “Tweet.” They can be submitted online using the website, smartphone application, or through text.

Therefore, as opposed to standard text messages, a “Tweet” you create will be published to the home pages of all those who follow your business. Twitter an impressive tool for spreading your message rapidly about your most recent reports and tips. So, use it often.


Google Plus virtual assistant VteamFirst, web marketers were not confident as to whether or not Google+ was worth the time and effort to advertise on. It requires a ton of resources to establish a presence on a brand new platform, so this had to be considered by many.

Now, Google+ is the second-largest social media platform when it comes to active users, with more than 350 million plus individuals using it daily. During this growth period for Google+, they have continued examining, fine tuning, and releasing new and much better functions.

Therefore, developing content people want to share is one of the best ways of expanding your business using social media. Concentrate on being useful and supportive. Refrain from being excessively promotional about your business.  This will make people think that you are only on Google+ for advertising purposes.


Google Plus virtual assistant VteamIn 2014 Linkedin had over 300 million members around the world. It is a very useful social media platform for business experts to post their resume to be used to get work or create connections with other people.

And, setting up a LinkedIn user profile, creating connections, and maintaining your account information is great.  Because this will help you catch the interest of many different people interested in what you have to offer.

Flickr is a social media platform where you can share online photos. It offers an user-friendly system for posting your pictures with anyone.

Further, organizations typically use Flickr to share photos of products or special events. These images can be linked to forums, emails, blogs, social media platforms, and websites.

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