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Could you use some help with Candidate Sourcing, Job Postings, Database Management or other tasks that can be done by Virtual Assistants?

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VTeam Service has Virtual Assistants that are highly trained and knowledgeable and well versed in the activities of the recruiting industry.

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For a limited time, we are offering Virtual Assistants to work for you for a full 160 hours a month at a total cost of only $1000.00

That is just $6.25 an hour!

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If you do not have that much work to do monthly, that is fine. Want to engage one of our virtual assistants for less that a full month? Then, please click the GET A QUOTE button on the right. We will be happy to provide you with a quote.  Even if it is only for 1 hour!

Virtual AssistantsHow Else Can Our Virtual Assistants Help You?

Apart from what we can do to help your recruiting efforts, we offer the following virtual assistant services as well:

  • Data Entry services to small to medium size businesses. Our deep understanding of data process and quality work help organizations achieve their targets and clean their data.
  • Our Virtual employee can assist you in Billings and product management.  Also, inventory management, product listing, product sourcing and any other part of your business, as well.
  • We help small to mid-size businesses by providing effective outsourcing and research services.
  • An Administrative Virtual Assistant can be an excellent tool for administrative tasks. Things like managing calendar, schedule appointments, data entry work for your business.
  • And, much much more…

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